You can email me and ask me anything at or Maybe you want to meet up for a coffee, record a crazy clip for youtube, or kindly offer me a place to stay! 🙂


Flag time!



  1. Hello Mr. Serra! My name is Danysha Lamadieu. I live in Georgia. I haven’t been living here long. I used to live in Virginia as a younger child and I used to watch your covers and be amazed by you. You’ve inspired to me to continue singing and sing for a reason. I’m so in love, not necessarily with a person, but with myself. You were the direct inspiration to me becoming a more confident individual. I now fully love myself unconditionally and in turn, I find myself wanting to be a better person to anyone I come in contact with. I just want to thank you for making music and ask you to please continue. I’m following your journey and you’re a wonderful person! Maybe one day we can meet up and sing something! Stay wonderful!

    Also, feel free to email back! I check my email like nobodies business, so I’ll be back to ya pretty quick.Alright, I’ll go. Haha!


  2. Hi. I was just wondering about the Magma festival you went to in Nicaragua. How did you get tickets, how was the accommodation, and how was the festival?
    I want to go there this December.

    Hope you take the time to answer my questions! And thanks for the tips about how to get there.

    Kind regards


  3. I just want to congratulate on your “work”. I’m a follower on youtube and facebook, listening your covers as soon as you loaded them. I really enjoy your voice, I’m also a singer and I got really impressed the first time I heard you.
    I’ve seen your last video, in spanish, recorden in South Africa… I’m a bit late to offer you to share a coffee in Barcelona. Next time you visit Bcn, if you remember, contact me…! It will be nice to meet you!

    Good luck&peace


  4. Hey Alex,

    Wow, gran experiencia la que estas teniendo,
    espero que no hayas parado con tus viajes.

    Me tope con tu pagina en unos de esos pensamientos, de has lo que deseas con tu vida,
    y la verdad es que bien por ti.

    Un saludo.

    Ian (el antiguo editor).


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