Speak As You Eat – Food & Inspiration

Paolo Tancredi is a super talented italian chef living in Melbourne, Australia. When I started traveling back in October 2012 he contacted me and congratulated me for the adventure I was embarking on. We became good online buddies and few months ago we were able to collaborate cross globe for the first time.

Paolo started a super cool project in Merlbourne called Speak As You Eat that combines food, art, and great ideas. He introduced me to his musician friend from Canada Eunice Keitan, you must check her out she’s a lovely artist. So her and I collaborated on this cover of Nina Simone “I wish I knew how it would feel to be free”, which was then played at the opening event of the Speak As You Eat project. And I also played a live song on the event on skype. It was a super lovely experience, bringing people from all over the world together (Eunice from Canada, Paolo from Australia, and myself from South Africa). Here is the video for my collab with Eunice, hope you like it:


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