Wonderful coincidences. I met Sarah Reid (Cape Town, South Africa)

My trip has been full of coincidences, but this one’s particularly cool.

I flew to Cape Town in March after living in Buenos Aires for the last six months. The first thing that struck my attention were the huge townships on the outer radius of the city when I took the bus from the airport to get into town. The vibe in the center of the city was completely different, I found myself in the middle of an exciting cosmopolitan atmosphere.

The first week in the city was amazing, I was staying with some super nice local couchsurfers and I had time to explore the place and confirm my impressions from the first day. Cape Town is a lovely town, a wonderful multicultural scene, and the surroundings, Table Mountain, Lions Head, Signal Hill, the Seapoint beaches, breathtaking!

However I fell in love with the Company Gardens in the city center. I was walking by the gardens one day and saw this beautiful patch of green grass, and I said to myself: “I wish I could lay in that grass all day!” – thinking it was mere decorative grass. But then I looked around and there were people all over it! So I basically spent the first week waking up in the morning having my flat white and chocolate croissant – hipster town style – and heading off to the gardens for a nice read and guitalele jam.

So this is how it went, one day I was laying in the grass playing my stuff and these two young girls were staring at my and laughing from the distance. So I smiled at them and they came by. One said: “My friend has something to ask you. Go on, tell him.” – said one to the other insistingly. “Could you play us some Bruno Mars?” – the other asked. “Honestly girls, I don’t know any Bruno Mars, but I could play you some Bob Marley.” – I suggested. They seemed to be excited about my pick so I went and sang “Redemption Song” with all my heart. “Wow that was great!” – shouted the girls when I was strumming the last chord. They said thanks and walked away, some sweet kids they were. Then out of the blue, this girl who overheard my singing, came by. She had a familiar face, like I’d seen here before. She approach and said: “Hi, sorry but I wanted to ask, do you have a youtube channel?” I was shocked, this girl had recognized me from my youtube videos, second time that’s happened to me on the trip! So she introduced herself, Sarah was here name, she said she had identified me through my Amy Winehouse covers, and she also said she was a singer too so we started jamming. When I first heard her voice I started to smile, Sarah has the most beautiful and soulful voice.

Next day we met up again and recorded these three clips. A nice selection of soulful classics. Hope you like it.



Mi viaje esta lleno de coincidencias, pero esta es particularmente divertida.

Volé a Cape Town en Marzo despues de vivir seis meses en Buenos Aires. Lo primero que me llamó la atención fueron las grandes favelas a las afueras de la ciudad cuando tomé el bus del aeropuerto al centro. El ambiente en al ciudad era completamente distino, me encontré en medio de una atmosfera cosmopolita alucinante.

La primera semana en la ciudad fué espectacular, me quedé con unos couchsurfers locales muy simpáticos y tuve tiempo de explorar el lugar y confirmar las primeras impresiones de mi primer día. Cape Town es una ciudad encantadora, descubrí una escena multicultural increíble, y los alrededores, Table Mountain, Lion’s Head, Signal Hill, las playas de Seapoint, sin palabras!

Yo personalmente quedé enamorado de los Company Gardens en el centro de la ciudad. Un día caminaba por la zona y vi esos preciosos pastos de hierba verde radiante y pensé: “Me encantaría tirarme ahí todo el día!” – pensando que era jardín decorativo. Pero miré alrededor y estaba lleno de gente estirada! Así que me pasé la primera semana levantandome por las mañanas, tomando mi flat white con croissant de chocolate – a lo hipster – y perdiéndome en los jardines a leer y jamear con el guitalele.

Y esto es lo que pasó, un día estaba tirado en el pasto cantando mis cositas y vi estas dos chiquillas que me miraban y se reían desde la distancia. Les sonreí y se acercaron, una de ellas me dijo: “Mi amiga tiene algo que decirte. Venga díselo.” – le dijo una a la otra insistentemente. “Podrías tocar una de Bruno Mars?” – me preguntó la otra. “La verdad, no conozco ninguna de Bruno Mars, pero os puedo cantar una de Bob Marley.” – les sugerí. Pareció entusiasmarles la propuesta así que les canté “Redemption Song” con todo mi corazón. “Wow, que bueno!” – me decían las dos cuando tocaba el último acorde. Me dieron las gracias y se fueron, unas niñas muy lindas. Entonces de la nada apreció una chica que había escuchado la canción, y se acercó. Tenia un rostro muy familiar, como si lo hubiera visto antes. Me dijo: “Hey, perdona pero te quería preguntar, tu tienes un canal en youtube?” Increíble, esta chica me había reconocido por mis clips de youtube, la segunda vez que me ocurre en el viaje. Así que se introdujo, se llamaba Sarah, me dijo que me había reconocido por mis covers de Amy Winehouse, además me dijo que era cantante también así que empezamos a improvisar. Cuando escuché su voz se me dibujó una sonrisa en la cara, Sarah tiene una voz preciosa y llena de soul!

Al día siguiente quedamos en los jardines y grabamos estos tres clips. Una linda selección de clásico souleros. Espero que os guste!





  1. Lovin’ your renditions of multifaceted genre’s. Hope your journey affords you a visit to our beautiful island of Guam, western pacific. You’ll truly enjoy the local people, hospitality, melting pot of cultures and the laid back life. Oh, did I mention the talent too. MAILA YAN LI’E (Come and observe) Enjoy following your journeys … ~ peace, Florentina


  2. Your journey and stories remind me that the world is such a beautiful and magical place and that genuine human connection is possible no matter where you go. I look forward to seeing the rest of your adventures and hope I can see as beautiful of places and meet as wonderful of people as you have.

    Big hugs from San Francisco!


    1. Hi Czarina 🙂 Yes that is so true, the world is full of wonderful people and you just gotta experience it to realize it is true. I wish you the best in your travels! I’m sure you will meet inspiring human beings like I did 😉

      hugs from South Africa


  3. Alex dude…

    so glad I randomly clicked on Alex Serra in my suggestions from Youtube. Your music, your adventures, your way of life dude…
    You are creating way more than just music bru.

    you are probably not in Cape Town anymore but you are so inspiring man, hope to meet you one day. I probably will need information when I go for my ayuasca experience one day. I just want to know how you get to travel like you do? Its all I want to do.

    but peace to your amazing adventure brother from Cape Town. maktub.



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