Contemporary Dance Class in Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Contemporary Dance Class

My friends at Domus Danza invited me to join them in one of their Contemporary Dance Classes. Mathias, the instructor, saw the clip we recorded at Anahi’s roof terrace and really loved it. He thought it would be cool to have me play live for his students. I really enjoyed the experience.

I was psyched to find out there was a piano in the classroom, so I played some of the songs I’d been playing around in the apartment. This is Feeling Good by Nina Simone.



Mis amigos de Domus Danza me invitaron a colaborar en una de sus clases de Danza Contemporánea. Mathias, el instructor, vió el clip que grabamos con Anahi en su maravillosa terraza, y le gustó mucho. Pensó que seria bueno que tocara en vivo para sus alumnos. Me encantó la experiencia.

Fue una sorpresa encontrarme un piano en la sala de ensayo, asi que toqué algunas de las canciones con las que había estado jugando últimamente en el departamento. Esta es Feeling Good de Nina Simone.





  1. I love what you do, love your voice, your sense of life. Keeg doing it, keep sharing your passion, keep bringing joy and peace. The world need more people like you. Hope you the best.


  2. I don’t think I have ever heard Anahi, but I’m sure she is good. I think turning to English is wodner ful for the many people who dont speak Spanish. I also think that Marco Antonio solis shoul do the same thing!!!!! He is the all around best looking, most wodnerful singer that ever lived. I let some of my none Mexican speaking friends listen to him but, they just don’t understand him. I think he would be awsome!!!!Thank you for taking the time to reasd this, and please stay safe, all my amigas and amigos. Adios, Vaya Con Dios Cj.


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