Singing with lovely Piper Olson (Cusco, Perú)

Piper Cusco

I met Piper in Iquitos a remote city in the middle of the Peruvian Amazon. I had been on a really exhausting adventure – which I’m going to write about very soon – in the Amazon jungle for a week and when I got back in town I felt a bit overwhelmed by the intensity of the city. I sheltered myself in this quiet little hostel in the middle of town and spent a couple days there waiting for my flight back to Lima. That’s where I met Piper for the first time. Piper is a young psychology student and she stroke me as a really mature person for her age. One night I was playing some songs on my guitalele – you know, the classic jazzy repertoire – and she seemed to enjoy that kind of music a lot. We had a nice time and we exchanged contacts and talked about meeting up in Cusco later on.

I flew back to Lima and bought a flight to Cusco for the next day. I needed some time to rest after my great adventure in the jungle so I check-in this wonderful hostel in Cusco called La Boheme where I was going to stay for almost a month.

Two weeks later I met up with Piper again in Cusco. We shared some stories and sang some songs. I realized that Piper was a wonderful singer and that we had very similar tastes in music. That’s how this video came about. At first we thought of recording a song while riding horses in the fields of Sacsayhuaman in Cusco, but that didn’t work out, the horses would freak out if I played the guitar next to them! So we went for a simpler option in the hills next to the city. Hope you like it!

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