A Nomadic Musician in the Galapagos Islands (Ecuador)

Sebastian Pita

How I met Sebastian Pita

I travelled to the Galapagos Islands with three travel buddies. We booked a last minute flight from Quito in Ecuador and 2 days later we landed in Baltra, airport next to Santa Cruz Island.

A week later we were arriving to the huge Isabela Island, the biggest island of the Galapagos. We were having an ice-cream and sitting down in the main square of town. I was holding my Guitalele, a pretty awesome conversation starter, while Sebastian walked to us an sat by our side. He said he was a musician, so I suggested he’d play a song for us.

I remember I fell in love with his natural vibe and his style of playing. He played us he’s original song called “Antártida”. When he finished I thought: “dude I have to record him a clip”. Later that week we were chilling out in some hammocks and I said: “now’s the time Sebas”. So here’s the first clip we recorded at the beach in Isabela.

Find out more about Sebastian Pita y la Banda Fantasma @ Soundcloud. You can even download his latest EP Sombra Hermana. Enjoy!

Let’s record more songs

Isabela was such a magical place that I felt the urge to record more music clips during my stay. So I went out in search of a nice location. While I walked through the little town of Isabela I found Sebastian sitting down by the bakery shop, where we usually met. He said he’d join me on my search for the perfect spot. We walked around town and he made some suggestions on where we could record, so I thought I’d follow him as he had been living there for over two months and he knew every hidden corner in town. Finally we got to this street where there was ship wreck that looked pretty cool and I went on to record a cover clip for youtube of Lauryn Hill’s Superstar.

When we finished recording we started walking back home and Sebastian took my guitar and started playing some cool songs. He told me he had a brother, musician as well, and that he was pretty great, so I asked him to play one of his brother’s songs and this is what he played.

The Classics

It was getting late and we walked towards the beach to chill out at our favorite bar in town, the Pink Elephant. On the road from the main square to the beach Sebas started playing the classic “Dos Gardenias” and his style just mesmerized me. It was a lovely way of finishing that wonderfully musical day.

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