Jamie X feat. Alex Serra – Missing You (Panamá)


How I met Jamie

I met Jamie X in Panama City’s Casco Viejo district during my travels through Central America. We stayed at the party hostel ‘Luna’s Castle’ for quite a while and had a chance to jam together on some wonderful soul classics. One thing lead to another and we ended up performing twice in the neighbourhood.

Performing at Teatro Amador

However the most exciting part of this meeting was that I had a chance to collaborate in one of Jamie’s awesome tunes! This song is called Missing You and Jamie thought it was the perfect song for me.

Missing You Cover 700

You can get it on iTunes. And know that all proceeds go to my dream and project of travelling the world exploring and breathing creativity from all the wonderful people I meet, and it also goes to Jamie’s continuous project of getting his heart broken by women! hehe
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And if you want to hear another of Jamie X’s songs, here’s a beautiful tune called The Trouble

How I met Alex. By Jamie X

Alex and I met down in Panama City at a great Hostel called Luna’s Castle. I first saw him sitting there strumming away with a Stevie Wonder type soul voice. My first impression was “fuck he can sing!”

To me Alex evokes the tone and spirit of great singers such as Otis Redding, Aretha, and as mentioned Stevie Wonder, but at the same time, he is still doing his thing that is unique to him, and he is expressing the essence of his soul while doing it.

I thought that his voice would be perfect for my song Missing You. I wrote it about someone special to me a long time ago. I guess this kind of reggae is the more pure type, more in the spirit of Bob Marley, where as far as I am concerned first and foremost, Mr. Marley was all about the song, not just the groove.

I’ve tried my best to do the same here, in my own way and from my own feelings. I hope you enjoy it, and I couldn’t have met a more humble guy to work with, and I’m proud to present the talents of Alex Serra.

Jamie X – www.jamiex.net and www.facebook.com/jamiexband


We’d like to thank Daniel Salazar for helping us with the recording of this clip, Clari Wetzel for her great suggestions, and Jefferson Barton for his help on keeping things going. Also thanks to Nuria Campos the beautiful woman that inspired us for the clip. And all the musicians, and Dave Collins, and Daniel Tomasch.

Please leave your thoughts below, and share the post if you enjoyed the story 😉

Jamie X feat. Alex Serra:
Available on iTunes!

Vocals: Alex Serra
Guitar: Jamie X
Drums: Jason Heerah
Double Bass: Jonathan Zion
Percussion: James Mack
Produced, written and mixed: Jamie X
Mastered: Dave Collins


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