Salsa Lessons in Cali (Colombia)

Salsa Lessons in Cali

I found a great laid back hostel in Cali, Iguana Hostel, and I decided to stay there for a week when I was offered to record a little promotional clip for the Salsa Lessons that took places every afternoon in the hostel’s backyard. I also took some lessons myself and now I’m not afraid to dance it out every time I hear the salsa beat! … Who am I kiddin’ I’m still terrified to dance in public 😛

Wilber Quintero is a professional dance teacher and he’s been dancing for over 20 years. So if you get a chance to visit Cali, the capital of Salsa, I recommend you visit Iguana Hostel and try it out. The club scene in the city is also very unique and you’ll get a chance to practice your moves with locals everywhere you go!

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  1. Bueno alex , pr lo q vemos por aquí en tu página , te lo estas pasando ” chevere ” bueno disfruta muchísimo y vive el momento q es grande , como tu .
    La paellita del tío rodri estará esperándote cuando quieras . Un abrazo muy fuerte de patri , Lluc , Jaume e iban .


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