A Week in Bocas del Toro (Panamá)

Bocas del Toro

One of the highlights of Panamá was Bocas del Toro hands down. I convinced my friend Valentina to join me on a one week trip to these wonderful islands in the caribbean coast of the country.

How to get to Bocas del Toro

We did a 4hour bus ride from David to Almirante for 8USD and then another 45min 5USD panga ride (speed boat) to Bocas Town in the Island of Colon, main town in Bocas del Toro.

Bocas is divided in several Islands and you can jump from one to another pretty quick with a panga that will cost approximately 4USD. This is between Colon Island and Bastimentos Island, but will probably vary if you want to go further than that.

What to do in Colon

Colon Island is supposedly one of the main party towns in Central America, but we didn’t really give it a go.

There’s also plenty of tours that you can do, you’ll find loads of agencies on the main road. I really recommend a visit to the starfish beach, you’ll find a bus departing from the park on the main road that will take you there for 10USD return. A really beautiful tour you can do is a trip to isla Zapatilla where you might possibly see dolphins and get a chance to lay down in one of the most beautiful remote paradise beaches there are.

What to do in Bastimentos

I personally loved Bastimentos, much more than Colon. It’s a really relaxed laid back island unlike its neighbouring party town. I recommend a place called Yemanja, some friends of ours have just recently launched this hostel and they’re really lovely people, you can ask for Pascal or Lamar and tell them Alex and Valentina say hi!

You must visit Red Frog beach on the other side of the island. You’ll find the most beautiful and peacful beaches over there. Amazing, trust me! And you might also be lucky to spot one of the little red frogs that give name to the area.

Check out the video to understand the beauty of Bocas del Toro.

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