Bungee Jumping in Costa Rica

About a week ago, right before my 28th birthday, I did Bungee Jumping in Costa Rica, one of the most extreme adventures of my life! Even more extreme than the 7 hour crazy-boat ride to Corn Islands in Nicaragua.

I stopped in San José, capital of Costa Rica, where I planned to stay for a week and recover from my wrist tendinitis which is still bothering me. So I was checking activities to do in the city in the Tripadvisor website (really recommend this site or even the mobile app, you’ll find cool things to do anywhere you are). I discovered Bungee Jumping to be number one activity in San José, and it’s something I always wanted to do so I went for it.

Bungee Jumping is some crazy #h&t!

Ok first of all I want to say that the jump was one of the scariest experiences of my life. But the feelings on top of the platform are somewhat contradictory. You know in your racional brain that you are not supposed to jump from a 80m bridge into a rocky river. But having all that equipment wrapped all around you and after the explanations of the team you feel ready to jump and enjoy it. The guys at Tropical Bungee have experience with over 50.000 jumps and a clean safety record. You can enjoy the ride with them for about 75USD. They come and pick you up at your hotel and take you back after the jump, pretty sweet.

So I would say if you really want to do it just go for it, don’t be scared! Putting it into perspective, more people get killed by texting and driving, falling out of bed, or even getting hit by a coconut, than by bungee jumping. Just jump and enjoy!



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