My route through Guatemala

After almost a month of crossing the country in zigzag manner I can say that my route through Guatemala has been a great experience.

I came in from the north through the Comitán border and did my first stop at Huehuetenango where I met a local Couchsurfer (Arturo). The town wasn’t that great but the views from the Dieguez Olaverri Mirador in the highlands were beautiful.

Next I travelled south to the very energetic city of Xela and to the beautiful Lake Atitlan. You can’t miss this part of Guatemala, the different towns around the lake make it for a great divers and relaxing stop.

After a short stop at Antigua, one of the many colonial cities along the way, I headed north for the town of Lanquin. This has probably been one of the highlights of Guatemala next to Lake Atitlan. The natural pools of Semuc Champey located next to the remote town of Lanquin in the middle of the Guatemalan jungle are a breathtaking place. Have a swim in one of the crystal clear fresh water pools and feel that freedom running down your vains. A great hostel to stay here is El Zapote in the middle of the muddy road from Lanquin to Semuc Champey, a very nice couple of Guatemalan locals runs the place.

Last stop in Guatemala was at the province of Peten in the upper north side of the country. You should definitely stay a couple days at the little tiny island of Flores, but if you have time make sure to check out the smaller town of El Remate in the route to the Tikal ruins. I stayed at Hostal Ernesto and there are several hostels nearby. You can also book a very early bus to the park of Tikal.

The Tikal ruins were my final stop in Guatemala and also a majestic way of closing up this part of the trip. The huge park of Tikal – your going to walk a lot if you want to see it all – offers some of the most impressive sites in the Mayan Route. I personally fell in love with the views from the top of the central temple at Palenque in Mexico, but the Tikal site is a must too.

And that was it for Guatemala, next stop was the island of Utila in the Caribbean coast if Honduras – where I was told there were a great variety of scuba-diving school and that it was very cheap to get an Open Water degree. More on that very soon, but first check out this little musical clip of my route through Guatemala.

Albums of Guatemala

KPICASA_GALLERY(20121107_HuehueXela, 20121115_SanPedroLagoAtitlan, 20121117_Antigua, 20121126_SemucChampey, 20121127_QEqchi, 20121201_FloresElRemate, 20121202_Tikal)



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